Monday, July 26, 2010

No, it's CO-mission Accomplished

Here's yet another brilliant take-down of Faux "News" by Rachel Maddow.

The pathetic commenter's desperate ad hominem attack notwithstanding, it would be a much more effective rebuttal to her to demonstrate that she were, you know, wrong. But there it is: before-and-after clips showing the network making polar opposite hysterical statements a day apart. Not just the network but even the same show! Maddow may be a commentator; but facts are facts, and she's caught the fuckers red-handed. (Again. Sigh.)

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment on the subject hits the nail on the head as well.

I understand his apoplexy completely.

Real journalism is a totally different animal from Rupert Murdoch's hate-circus, and actual journalistic outlets need to stop letting an entertainment network for insane white supremacists set the rules. We should be so much better than this.

We should worry less about foreign terrorists and fret instead the fear- and terror-mongers within our own borders. Because Faux's agenda is doing much worse, and much deeper damage to our country than any external enemy ever did.

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