Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Window Shopping: Day Two

Today: Honolulu, HI.

We've changed hotels since I was last here, and the new hotel is quite fab. The view, however, leaves something to be desired (at least from this side). This shot required me to open my window and hold my phone out over the alley below. We're close enough that people in the adjacent building could almost reach out and snatch my phone from me. But yes, that is the ocean there at alley's end.

And since you've all been cheated of a more glamorous view, here's a picture of a lovely 1926 Chevy "Suburban" from a little impromptu car show I ran across on my walk about the city (the placard inside said Suburban, but I don't really think the name came into use until several decades after this car was built. But I may be mistaken).

All my previous Honolulu posts are chock full of sailboats and beaches and palm trees, so here's a touch of variety (even if it's not very island-y).

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