Thursday, March 4, 2010

Window Shopping: Day Three

Today: the South Pacific. Actually, there isn't a hotel for this day, so you get a view out my office window instead.

Imagine ten hours of this, an almost featureless expanse of blue and cloud in every direction for ten hours! At 500 mph to boot. I couldn't help thinking about being in the middle of it in a small boat. Or even a very large one. Very occasionally we fly over a little atoll or a larger island, but there's not much of that. I hoped to get pictures of New Caledonia, which we flew right over, but it's always shrouded in clouds; only the radar told us where it was (well, that plus an airport which shows up on our database; but it was 160 miles away on the other end of the island).

There's plenty of time to reminisce about the Hawaiian paradise we just left. Everybody's had an umbrella drink; how about an umbrella salad?

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CyberKitten said...

I remember flying over the Pacific (as a passenger) on the way to Sydney from San Francisco. It just went on for ever...... Some very nice views of Atolls though!