Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Window Shopping: Day Eight

Today: Anchorage.

(What a difference a day makes.)

It's not really day eight; more like post number eight. It's more like day 11, but all this crossing of time zones and the date line plays with your circadian clock. We left Hong Kong about 5:PM on 3/9, and arrived in Anchorage some 12 hours later at 2:PM on 3/9. As my niece would say, "I know, right?" The one downside of these trips is that your body inevitably wants to sleep when only partway into a long flight, and so one often ends up being awake for 24 hours at a go. But the body's circadian clock doesn't reset that quickly. So you arrive at your destination quite overdue for sleep, but a deep confusion quickly sets in about when you want to sleep. It's impossible to keep oneself on a home sleep schedule, but neither do we quickly adapt to the new local time--which in any case shifts some or many hours with each flight.

(Outside the hotel enroute to the Snow City Cafe. If the weather is going to suck, at least one can be properly nourished!)

I slept like a stone for about 12 hours here in Anchorage (from 8:PM until about 7:30 AM), which actually puts me close to a normal time in the central time zone. But of course I'll be several days getting back to a normal rhythm.

Oh well. It was a grand adventure.

(Ah, Hong Kong. I barely knew ye.)

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Jon said...

Sorry dude, I'd still like to go to Alaska! I think you have mentioned that restaurant before( the one you are going to in the picture) no doubt good food.