Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Travel Photos

Lots of traveling lately. This past week was spent in New York as part of the University of Wisconsin Extension's yearly trip to the City for a week of Broadway theatre. In addition to my regular flying layovers in Newark (which offer an easy train ride into the city), this event has become a regular on our calendar, and it offers the luxury of several days in the city, something my layovers rarely permit. This is our fifth year with this event. Susan is the chooser of shows and the theatre resource for the group, and I've become the "transportation guy." It's really a lot of fun to help introduce people to the world's greatest city.

Some photos from this year.

Something new this year. They've closed off Broadway for a few blocks a made it into a pedestrian walkway. There are hundreds of lawn chairs laid out, and the normally-busy place is packed with sightseers. And it makes the always-slow traffic here come virtually to a standstill. 7th Ave. is still open. It's being done as a trial thing here and elsewhere along Broadway, and one wonders if this will become a permanent walking / biking path.

The view from our hotel window. One hates to close the curtain on it at night, but otherwise it's like trying to sleep with the lights on. There's something insufferably touristy about Times Square, but its extremity makes it a singular experience. I'd personally prefer to stay somewhere else, but for all our first-time visitors nothing has the impact of this five-block stretch of Broadway and the hotel is a big hit.

Everybody's seen the Apple store "cube" at 59th & 5th. This time we see the store's interior, corner-to-corner. The big glass staircase in the center of the room leads to the cube and the street-level entrance. I want one of everything in this store.

A random street scene. I forget where I shot it. Lower Manhattan somewhere.

OK, I remember where I shot this one! Broadway & 23rd. The fabulous Flatiron Building.

A bit of subway art. A train station mosaic.

Chinatown, a tire shop. Hard to imagine making a living this way.

I'm simply not capable of passing the Ansonia without taking photos. So here's my favorite building on 6/6 (the cockroaches are invisible from this distance).

And one for my brother the railroad fan. The tracks & station for New Jersey Transit at the Newark Airport. Pretty nice station for American commuter rail. And live bodies there to help you get to the right place! New York without trains would be like Jenkins without trees.


Dzesika said...

Pretty! I need to get back to NYC one of these days - my weekend there was wonderful but not really enough to 'get' it. Hopefully soon ...

wunelle said...

You could tag along on next year's tour! ;-)