Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Amazin' (dis)Grace

Now we have North Korea, charter member of the Axis of Evil and the latest troublesome arranged marriage between military power and dubious economic system, rattling its nuclear saber at what it perceives as the threat of American imperialist hegemony.

Am I the only one who feels a little panicky to hear our president addressing this issue, who feels that he is almost comically unequal to this challenge? Out spits the usual testy, mispronounced boilerplate, schoolboy platitudes written for him by someone who understands the man's limitations. Usually I don't feel despondent so much as angry and disgusted; much of what he's done can, with some effort, be undone (albeit with an admittedly toxic vapor trail behind him).

But not everything can be undone. Iraq certainly, and Afghanistan probably, are turning out to be the quagmires that many wise voices said all along they would be. Trillion dollar quagmires (imagine what that money could have accomplished when smartly applied). Iran is like a hand grenade, pin pulled, rolling at our feet. Whole countries--some of them longtime friends and allies--now view the government of America with extreme skepticism, if not active malevolence.

Into our Macy's parade of corruption and hubris wanders Kim Jong-il. Here we have an incendiary situation, one calling for finesse and strength and leadership, for alliance-building and compromise and vision. And to answer the threat we offer... the diplomatic equivalent of that typing chimpanzee placed at the Big Console and the fervent hope that, given enough time, he'll randomly hammer out world peace. W. plays Whack-A-Mole. I can hardly fathom someone less equipped to face these problems, or worse, someone more apt to navigate us via the shortest route to the jagged rocks which will be our undoing. Iraq, too, began with the talk which we see currently in the U.N., which we inexplicably gave the premature stiff-arm and proceeded to go it alone--with the result now acknowledged to be an increase in terrorist activity and hatred of our country and its citizens.

All that our country represents to its citizens and to freedom-loving people around the world tries to find focus, like sunlight through a looking glass, in this most unworthy vessel, a man without poise or dignity, without statesmanship or education, without resume or good intentions. This effluent flows down from above to cover the whole Chamber of Horrors that rode into town with him. As I watch the curious circling of wagons about Mark Foley, a circumstance at least three times as odious as that for which these same people insisted on Clinton's impeachment, it comes to me like the Virgin Mary taking form on my pancake griddle: look not, ye huddled masses, for any focused light from this vessle. This glass is not a telescope to see the stars but a cataract which keeps us from seeing the truth: this president is an epic idiot, a man whose legacy will be a Katrina-like devastation from which we will spend our lives trying to dig out.

If we're lucky.


Dzesika said...

Oh God. And I am coming back to this.


wunelle said...

Sorry to bring, like a puppy with wagging tail, this carrion to your door.

But look at it philosophically: his toxic waste trail will affect us all, citizens or not, and now at least you'll have a chance to do your part to put him (and his buddies) out on their ears.

Anonymous said...

And, alas, he and his ilk will continue to win elections (well not him in his current lame-duck status) because he and the Repukikan party are the "Family Values" party. The toothless goggins of the red states will continue to vote against abortion, homosexuals, Evilution, and godless liberals as the rest of the world faces mass starvation, genocide and war.

Meanwhile our president happily fiddles away, pandering to the uneducated fools who are too witless and too scared to see the truth.

We will surely reap what he has sown for years to come.

-Alex Random

Anonymous said...

I pulled this from a comment board on Yahoo. I thought it was quite clever, if not completely spot-on. Unedited in all its glory:


He is also the Republican wet dream. Clinton succeeded doing to the Republicans what no one, not even their god Reagan could do: He is their cause celebre.

Every evil event, whether done now or later--is blamed on him. When he agrees with Bush, this is used to justify the GOP as if Clinton's word is law.

When Bush fucks up, then everything Clinton ever said or did or thought or fucked is brought up to try to deflect blame back to him and not at Bush.

Clinton is the boogey man, good Republican mother's warn their babies about. They wake in the morning with his name, his thought and his exploits on their lips. His name is a curse to them and solace. They condemn him while eternally chanting his name like a mantra.

No matter the act, no matter how removed or how many years go by, every discourse must include Clinton. Even acts which clearly have their seed years before him or years after him are couched with using his name, his thoughts, his administration.

For the Republicans, the timeframes no longer are before Christ or After Christ--there is only :

"After Clinton, During Clinton" they have distilled their raison d'etre (reason for existing) down to one man, that man's penis, that man's actions, that man's administration.

They ignore the Republican Congress that colluded or derailed him in the latter years and they discount the actions of Cheney, Rove, Limbaugh and Rumsfeld as they justified Saddam or defended him bombing the kurds.

They only see Clinton. The Evil Clinton. The sneaky Clinton. The Dishonest Clinton. The Clinton who agrees with Bush. The Clinton who does charity work with Bush Sr.

One wonders if the true hatred of Clinton is not what he did or did not do while in office--but that he was not a Republican and therefore can only be "loved" vicariously by the GOP as they rain down epithets and judgement on him.

They can't keep his name out of their mouths. Nothing is ever, ever, ever a Republican's fault. Even before he was elected President, Clinton was a prophesy that made Reagan break laws and trade arms for hostages, Made Nixon illegally wiretap, made Bush Sr NOT take out SAddam. Clinton was always around, He caused the Vietnam war, created the Depression by destroying the deficit, he even caused White Southerners to keep slaves and so caused the civil war.

Republicans verbally masturbate Clinton 24/7, 365 days a year. If they were forced to NOT speak on him or his administration for an entire week, they would probably implode. Clinton--their god, their secret love, their penis and penile envy--the man who they love to hate and cannot forgive for not being their own spawn.


And there you have it.

-Alex Random

wunelle said...

There's some truth in this little diatribe, though I'm aware that Democrats are certainly not above this kind of political opportunism. And in fact, W has provided Democrats with the Perfect Political Satan--much better than the moderate Clinton--and it is a measure of somebody's ineptitude that they cannot capitalize on such a degree of criminal incompetence and disastrous hubris as we've seen in the last six years.

I'm still amazed--and I see it every single day--when guys I fly with will nearly spit to hear Clinton's name mentioned! Even if one agrees with the big decisions of W's tenure (say, tax cuts and Iraq and All Jesus All The Time), I cannot fathom that more Republicans are not outraged that he's doing THEIR AGENDA so BADLY. I just don't see how the political center of this country and the disgruntled libertarian Republicans do not add up to RESOUNDING DEFEAT for the guy.

Well, low 30's in the polls rather IS resounding. But still.