Sunday, September 3, 2006


Seems I just can't get this right.

Now we receive a notice from the show's producers that our night will be 9/4/06, not 9/11/06 as I noted below. Turns out that Appleton will figure into both episodes, but we are in this first one.

But this time it's straight from the producer's mouth.

That's tomorrow night.

I expect to have something more substantive to say later in the week (I'm still recovering from a wild blogiversary night replete with prime rib hangover).


Esbee said...

I saw you! Damn, you have a Yankee accent.

I covet the solarium.

wunelle said...

Do I? Hmmm. I also, for what it's worth, looked like someone had attached an air hose to my backside and inflated me. Ah, the cruelty of the camera. I also seemed to do most of the talking, which is not quite how I remember the filming (I talked more than Susan, but she had something like one line on the show).

All this time spent for two minutes. Hardly seems worth the trouble.

Esbee said...

Now that you mention it, I do recall wondering if perhaps she was a professor of mime...

Kidding. :D

So the local paper did an article on my blog? And they used The. Worst. Photo. Ever. So, it could be worse.

wunelle said...

I was approached last nite in the cafeteria by another crewmember who had seen the show.

He almost asked for my autograph.

Stardom, here I come!