Monday, April 17, 2006

Performance Art

I think Lizzie's example of posting an audio blog is fabulous. Being an auditory kind of guy, I'm all about the sound of people's voices. So in that vein, methinks I will follow suit, and I urge BOTH my readers to consider doing the same!

Any suggestions on what to read? Or is this missing the lion's share of the reason for doing it?


Esbee said...

I think it depends on the effect you want.

I have no audio capabilities of which I am aware, so I shan't be joining you. But if I were, I would read the lyrics to Mama Said Knock You Out in a most amateur theatre way, just because it would drive the oldest mad with glee.

Joshua said...

I think the best reading has already been done: It turns out James Earl Jones has an audio book out: James Earl Jones reads the New testiment. I am not making that up.

Still, you could repost your first posts in audio, and save us going back through them, straining our eyes.

I might like this idea. I have a bunch of things in my head I like to just record, I could easily do that and put them on the interwebby.

mysterygirl! said...

I think you should go with something that's the opposite of your voice: if you're more of a tenor, read deep-voice stuff, like any part that James Earl Jones could play, and if you're more of a bass, read a woman's monologue from something, or a children's story.

Then again, I'm all about the absurd, so maybe that's not for everyone.

Dzesika said...

I would absolutely dig an audio blog from you!

That way, when I am on an aeroplane and I hear the captain's voice come on over the tannoy, I can ascertain, immediately, whether it's you. :)

No, seriously, I think it's a fabulous idea.

Lizzie said...

It's funny that Dzesika said that because a couple of weeks ago when I was flying to Chicago and the captain came on over the loudspeaker, I immediately thought: "wonder if that's Wunelle?" (Even though I knew it wasn't.)

Anyway, definitely post something! I've heard other people's audioblogs in which people just talk - they don't read anything. In fact, I can't say I've heard any others in which someone has read something. I only did because I love Sedaris and it seemed appropriate given the holiday.

Can't wait to hear it!

Washington Cube said...

Lizzie did a great job. I was even enjoying it when she broke up laughing as she read.