Tuesday, April 18, 2006

An Audio Non-Sequitur

OK, not the best text. But I wanted to take a stab at this, and with the whole Atilla the Rum meltdown bringing new light to the insanity of our being embroiled in (and impoverished by) this war, I was reminded of this letter of Lincoln. So sue me!

The audio quality is not too good. Cell phones. (Maybe it was the headset I used.) Much better to record on the computer and then post an MP3 file methinks. Next time--baby steps for now!

this is an audio post - click to play


Lizzie said...

Very entertaining and very relevant! I'm not sure what I was expecting but after having heard your voice, I'm quite sure you sound exactly like I thought you would.

I really enjoyed this!

p.s. Do you read Washington Cube's blog? You guys are blog twins today. (Who would have thought Abe would be so popular in the blogosphere?)

p.p.s. We really must convince Esbee to do this too. It's great having a voice to put with the words.

Washington Cube said...

His law partner hated Mary Lincoln, by the way and never held back badmouthing her. I was thinking when I wrote my Lincoln piece what a pity he fell so short of having his voice recorded. They say it was high pitched and twangy, but wouldn't that be a marvel to hear? You and Lizzie are on an audio roll.

mysterygirl! said...

Awesome-- I can totally hear you saying, "Yees, this is the captain speaking... our cruising altitude, is..."

wunelle said...

"p.p.s. We really must convince Esbee to do this too. It's great having a voice to put with the words."

I agree entirely! *Shaking finger" Esbeeeee? You heard the call of Your Queen! Actually, it's really quite simple: just go to "http://www.audioblogger.com/" and put in a primary phone number (to use as your user name) and invent a password, and then assign a blog as the destination for your phoned-in entries. VoilÄ! Call the given number, speak your piece, push the number to post it and you're done (and can delete it just like you would any obscene Wordaholism entry posted by Randy Uncle Wunelle).

We'd LOVE to hear your voice!

Cube--I'm sorry I've not stopped by your site sooner. Lincoln is, hands-down, my favorite American, and in my top couple people of human history. It's a favorite topic of mine, though you've recommended lots of stuff I've not read (no Lincoln books for me lately).

I was based in Springfield with an earlier airline job, and so toured all the sites--law office, house, grave site, etc. Your post was a great fine (thanks to Queen Lizzie)!


wunelle said...

MG--You snuck in there!

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but PA announcements used to be something of a specialty of mine. I'm very happy not to have to try and explain things to the flying public (though I seem obsessed with doing just that on my blog), but my flight attendant friends say my talents are wasted on boxes!

And, truth be told, I'm impressed when I fly now as a passenger at the pilot who does the job well. Often, techno pilot nerds are not speaking sorts.

Esbee said...

I'll do it tomorrow, as I don't want to wake the kids, but I don't want to post it on Wordaholism, and neurotic freak that I am, I don't want to post it on Life in Forsyth either, as quite a few local peeps read it (and the city's small).


Will think on this.

Dzesika said...

Wow! That is some serious radio patter. Brilliant and great text ...!

I may just be tempted to give this whole audio-blogging stuff a go ... then again, um ...

wunelle said...

Yes, you MUST! Quite simple, and it's illuminating to have a voice for the blog, as it were.

Joshua said...

We are going to be flying, uh, an altitude of, um, about 5 feet now. Even though most airlines fly quite a bit higher, and that may um be, well, better, we feel this is plenty. Thank you for flying with , you know, Wunelle airlines.