Thursday, April 27, 2006

Just a Quickie

I've got a serious post all set to go, but let's stick with tradition and lead off with a bit of humor.

Here's my all-time favorite David Letterman Top Ten List item:

Number one of Elvis Presley's Top Ten Household Hints:

1. A small handgun makes any TV 'remote control'


wunelle said...

A sentiment I agree with entirely!

Glad you're on board :-)

I hoped to regale with tales from New York, but alas, I'm in Philly instead (without enough time to pillage and debauch in any post-worthy way.

Joshua said...

Sure, tease me with "just a quicky"
Dammit, my fiance does that ALL THE TIME.

Jeffy said...

joshua - Don't underestimate the pleasures of a quickie! A quickie beats a zippie (as in zip, zilch, nada) any day.

If a quickie doesn't quite float your boat I can add the rest of the list:


10. A little club soda will get food stains out of satin capes
9. Bargain metal polishes may discolor your solid gold piano
8. Use blow-dryer to speed up defrosting time on TV dinners
7. A wad of gum will keep your medallions from sliding around your chest
6. Stubborn stain on auto upholstery? Buy a new car?
5. Jewel-encrusted belts make good emergency snow treads
4. Put Las Vegas souvenirs on mantel for that "museum" effect
3. Out of hair spray? Try PAM
2. For a classy dessert, remove sticks from Eskimo Pies before serving
1. A small handgun makes any TV "remote control"

Joshua said...

It's ok. You made up for it by giving me the "Bang!" above.