Saturday, November 5, 2005

An Humble Apology

OK, I take back every derogatory thing I said about Star Wars. After watching the special features for Episode III, I'm prepared once again to kneel before the franchise and debase myself as penance. And all the smack I talked about Natalie Portman's acting chops? Never happened. She's hot!

It's not that I've rethought my firebombing of George Lucas' dialog writing: it's shite, it was always shite, and it's destined to remain shite for ever and ever amen. No, the script remains so damn bad that you want to physically crawl thru the speaker and kick some ass in hopes of making the pain stop.

But wow. When you string together the best-of moments from six epic films, films that were each in their day the scintillating leading edge of visual wonder, and summarize the aforementioned arching story line, the scope of Lucas' endeavor kind of takes your breath away. There is such a concentration of visually stunning pictures and earth-moving plot developments that everything else just fades into the background. The unbelievable number of people involved in bringing the story to life, and their enthusiasm and their sense that they are continuing something that meant so much to them as kids: it's all infectious and humbling and, well, I'm just a dung beetle.


green_canary said...

Confession: I haven't seen any Star Wars films that came after the one with the wretched Jar Jar Binks (or however you spell his name). I wanted to throttle that idiotic lemming so bad that I could taste it. And thus, I ended my love affair with Star Wars.

Lizzie said...

I could have done without episode 1 (with the aforementioned idiotic lemming), and 2 was only marginally better, but episodes 3-6 are some of my favorite movies. (despite the cringe-inducing dialogue in 3)

wunelle said...

Yeah, what Lizzie said. Canary, you definitely owe it to yourself to watch episodes III & IV, and actually ep. V is considered by many to be the best of the series.

I agree that Jar-Jar was incredibly off-putting. Lucas's need to appeal to kids only a couple years ago and now jettisoning those same kids for the PG-13 rating because "the story demands it" seems poor planning at best. But I forgive him.

Canary, if you see III or IV, drop me an email and tell me if you think my enthusiasm is misplaced!

BrianAlt said...

Yes, you are correct.

You are a dung beetle, huh? No, not that, overall it is still great. Even if the dialogue sucks.

But Uncle Owen!

green_canary said...

Okay, Wunelle. I will put aside my hatred of Jar Jar Binks and will watch the rest of the Star Wars movies. I will report back on whether said enthusiasm is misplaced :-)

wunelle said...

Yeah, Uncle Owen. The original one. What do you suppose were Lucas's stage directions to his portrayer? "Think three foot hemorrhoid and you'll have him perfectly!"

Lucas had the enviable task of writing a character who was simultaneously decent enough to raise a child not his own and yet despicable enough to cheer his death.

And we thought George Lucas was not a genius.