Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My Dog Says "Don't Worry, Be Happy!"

OK, sorry.

This all just depresses me and pisses me off such that I can't help but rant. Even tho my rant comes to nothing.

Here's a happy picture of my thousand-year-old dog whose hearing is completely gone and vision is mostly gone and has only three good legs and only about half her teeth. But she's pretty happy. (Actually, she whines a lot, but with all that shit wrong who can blame her?)

She may not look it, but she's actually pretty happy here. (The tail wag is so slow that even the showest shutter speeds will capture it.) I think there are things I can learn from her.

I hope she's not too pissy about my having outed her in this way. She's more private than I am. But still, I think it would warm her heart to hear people who will now recognize her on the sidewalk say, "Love your work!" or "You're an inspiration!"

But, just as a heads-up, you gotta shout and wave your arms a lot.

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Lizzie said...

My old dog was deaf in his last few years. He used to bark constantly and the vet said it was because he was always testing his hearing. He was the original "Can I hear me now?"