Friday, July 4, 2014

One Other Thing

I'm not a photographer, though I love photography and I seem to take a lot of pictures. I say this not out of false modesty, but as an honest admission that I have no real clue what I'm doing and I don't have an especially good eye. (Susan will grab my phone and snap an occasional picture, and her percentage is a good deal higher than mine, I'd say.)

But I got it into my head to make a collection of cool door photos as we moved from country to country (started because there were so many cool doors in Barcelona, and it just took off from there).

The results are on a Flickr collection that can be seen HERE.

I love many of these, and as a collection they seem kind of fun. Every one was taken with my iPhone 5S, and many of them were taken hastily as I often had to stand in a busy street and snap quickly.


Vancouver Voyeur said...

That's interesting. I'm the same way. I lost count of the pictures of doors and architectural building features I took in Estonia and Finland. Love this door. Gorgeous!

William Stachour said...

I think it's a desire to capture something of a place and bring it back with us. I'm always trying in vain to bring Susan some piece of my wanderings in China. I think this is the same instinct.

CyberKitten said...

I often get accused of bring back boring photographs of places because I take pictures of quite detailed architectural features.

Doors are so culturally diverse yet so ubiquitous that they make a great study.

Lucy Cash said...


I used to have a print of a piece called "Doors of Georgetown". They weren't nearly as pretty as these.