Tuesday, April 2, 2013

End Of A Blog

No, not this one. Though I suppose that time will come (insert crickets chirping here...)


Another year passes, and with it comes the notice that the domain name for my music blog, The Tone Bigot, will expire unless I pay to extend it. It's only $10 (or it was), but there's been almost no activity on that site now for a couple years--and not much before that. And now the domain extension has become more involved. So I think that little experiment has reached its end.

I began The Tone Bigot (originally Ultrasonic Scattershot) in 2007 as a safe place to take my occasional posts about musical topics from the Journal Wunelle and concentrate them in an indigenous setting. This promised to reduce by one the myriad sins against the Rules of Good Blogging that I committed on the JW. From the outset I have failed to keep to a single topic (or a small number of topics), thus making it less likely that anyone stopping by will stumble upon a subject they care about.

And I had vague hopes that by focusing on a single subject matter in a single place I might garner an audience of similarly-oriented folks. But I learned after a few posts that I simply don't have a deep enough background to sustain an ongoing discussion about more than a couple topics. The rest just represent interests of mine, and I can get only so far by saying "I like Mahler." And the topics that I do know a bit about----pipe organ design and construction, piano design, drumming--are themselves too disparate and / or esoteric to find much of an audience.

And so it ends quietly. Not wanting to lose the writings, I've merged the 100 or so posts from The Tone Bigot back into the JW, so the posts are still there and available, if harder to find. With things quiet lately on the JW, the occasional music post has no one to scare off. Maybe this is a good balance after all.

Anyway, life goes on.


William Stachour said...

After all this time I never noticed that there's an "at" missing in the little byline at the graphic on the top of the page. This is why I'm not an editor.

dbackdad said...

I always tried to read that blog but due to not being musically trained, it would sometimes be over my head. Still, sorry to see it go. As with all your stuff, it was erudite and entertaining.

William Stachour said...

Thanks. I tried to rope in a couple other blogging friends to write, but that never quite happened. Maybe I'll find someone else's music blog to submit reviews to!