Saturday, June 9, 2012

Vacation 2012, #12: More St. Petersburg Pics

"Less talkee, more lookee!"
(Spoken like Darth Vader): "... As you wish."

(Former St. Petersburg HQ of the Communist Party. Now city offices.)

(Very Soviet-looking monument.)

(Gates at Katherine's Palace.)

(Katherine's Palace #1. It's too big for a little iPhone lens.)

(Katherine's Palace #2.)

(Interesting ceiling. Lots of architectural details painted on, making the room look even bigger.)

(Detail. A kind of trompe l'oeil.)

(The gardens.)

(Sorry, had to do it. Fun to see it written in cyrillic!)

(St. Isaac's Cathedral.)

(St. Isaac's, interior.)

(Note the dove in the hole up in the dome. Waaaaay up there.)

(Most of the artwork inside is mosaic. Fabulous.)

(One precious hour on the streets. Nevsky Prospekt.)

(My fabulous travelin' girl contemplates a world of shopping.)

(Beautiful, high-end arcade off Nevsky Prospekt.)

(Church of the Spilled Blood. Hey, I'm not in charge of xian naming conventions.)

Next stop: Helsinki.


Vancouver Voyeur said...

We wanted to go to St. Pete but didn't want to mess with the visa. The palace looks amazing!

wunelle said...

It's very Versailles. Royals trying to outdo each other. But what a vast expenditure for a (at the time) poor country.

Glad we saw these places, tho. Who knows if we'll ever be back?