Sunday, October 9, 2011

All In a Day's Walk

Just over 48 hours here in Cologne. Not quite enough time to do anything ambitious (like travel to another place for exploration), but enough time to log a couple long walks. I managed a good 12-miler on Wednesday out to the southwest of town, and then about 10 miles each yesterday (to the northwest) and today (east and north), all of them on roads I had mostly not been on before. I didn't see anything particularly special, and I had no specific destinations in mind (some museum or specific building or neighborhood, etc.); I just tried to pick a different section of town and soak it in.

Today's walk was across the Rhine and northward along the eastern shore. (Map here.)

One especially interesting find was a large abandoned industrial concern a couple miles north of the city proper, a collection of fabulous old brick buildings with steel girders and multi-paned windows that are half abandoned and half under renovation. These seem like perfect structures for urban lofts, and it seems a real boon that they've not been torn down to make way for something new.  A bunch of the pictures are of these.

There's a Flickr feed of the day's photos here, which threaten to be of only marginal interest even to me.

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