Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Litany of Faux News' Lies About Climate Change

From Media Matters:

Fox News' Top 10 Climate Science Distortions And Fabrications

  1. "Global warming 'doesn't exist.'"
  2. "2009 was "the coldest year on record."
  3. "Nearly all of the [Arctic] ice has returned."
  4. "How can there be global warming if it's snowing and it's bitterly cold?"
  5. "The Earth is actually cooling now."
  6. "Hacked emails prove scientists are 'doctoring' data to exaggerate global warming."
  7. "El Nino is the cause of warming of the past 30 years."
  8. "Climate science warned of global cooling in the 1970s."
  9. "NASA acknowledges solar cycle, not man, responsible for global warming."
  10. "Phil Jones told BBC that 'the Middle Ages were warmer than the climate now.'"
Exactly how each of these claims fails the smell test is explained in the accompanying article. This is classic Faux News in a nutshell: hyperbole, apocalypticism, outright lies, far-right spin and pandering to our ignorance and prejudices.

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