Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Behind Door No. 3... An ASS!

I read a blog post somewhere the other day where a commenter said that was "a tool of the left." I had to laugh. This is true, I suppose, in exactly the sense that (as Stephen Colbert reminds us) "reality has a well-known liberal bias." The utterance of any politician should be approached with skepticism, and of course when Politifact is calling out the untruths of Democrats then surely they are providing a useful service. But conservatives have become the party of whatever-it-takes-to-gain-and-retain-power, and strict truth isn't very helpful in that endeavor. And so any mechanism that calls you out is a tool of your enemy.

We're fortunate that so many of the factions on the right continue to work their black magic so openly. Like the Nazis who obsessively documented what they might have been expected to frantically keep secret, the wingnuts are publicly and unashamedly embracing things that are surely going to come back and hurt them--things like climate change denial and denial of Darwin's discoveries; things which cannot be wished away.

And even then there are factions and sects for whom even the most incendiary and radical thoughts are simply too conciliatory and appeasing. Enter the Tea-Baggers. Deeming the official response of the Republican party to the State of the Union speech to be too soft and libtard--let's have none of this infuriating "cooperation" business--the 'Baggers sicced their Idiot-In-Waiting, Michelle Bachman, on the President's attempts to unify the country.

I made it through about 15 seconds of her presentation. Jesus H. Christ. How exhausting and disheartening that so substandard a mind should gain traction in a country like this--what an indictment of our educational system. I'm frankly amazed that she has not drowned in her own mental vomit. Time and time again she opens her mouth and says something cosmically stupid, and yet like Republican scumbags of lore, no scandal sticks to her. She need only say something the next day which appeases the Fox-fed illusions of the apoplectic white man and all is forgiven. No, far from melting down, her star is on the rise (at least in the Angry But Oblivious Party. Or the No Facts Allowed Party), at least enough that networks are covering her charade of intellect.

Giving media time to what she or any other Tea-Bagger thinks grants legitimacy to a group of fringe lunatics, I fear, but I am grateful that Politifact has devoted a page to her statements. Not surprisingly, she's about the lying-est, most mis-informed (or politically blinded) politician on record--though her Grand Dragon Sarah Palin must be right there with her. Virtually every statement on record is found to be either 'false' or 'pants-on-fire' false.

It would be funny if she were a PTA president.


payingattention said...

But only because her kids wouldn't be in school with yours.

wunelle said...

Very true.

dbackdad said...

She is a piece of work. I just couldn't bring myself to watch her re-"butt"-al. I was afraid I might damage my TV.

wunelle said...

She apparently teaches a Constitutional law class! Can you imagine?