Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Random Act of Culture

I had no idea these little events took place, but the idea is neat, and this one seemed just too much fun! A huge pipe organ situated in the open lobby of an operating department store, noontime shoppers, and a stealthy influx of the Opera Company of Philadelphia (and some 28 other organizations) for a nearly spontaneous outburst of the Halleluja Chorus from Handel's Messiah!

(Random Acts of Culture are an activity of the Knight Arts organization, which is an arm of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. These events are also known as "Flash Opera," though I understand that not all Random Acts are operatic in nature. The event is noted at both the Gothic Records website and also the Knights Arts website.)

Our crew hotel is right next door to the Macy's Department store where the world's largest operational pipe organ is situated. I wrote a post a few years back about my visit for one of the daily noontime concerts, after which I was able to get a tour of the console. But wouldn't THIS have been a fun little way to spend half an hour at lunchtime! It would also be a more uncompromising chance to hear the organ unleashed in that massive space.

(PS, I know the mind of the FSM--we have a personal relationship--and HE forgives this blasphemy because... well, because this was just so cool! And because great music is great music, wherever it comes from.)

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