Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 2 in Shanghai

More pictures and an approximate map of the day's walk (minus that part where I cross the river, which it is supposed I did not do on foot). I began with a train ride to Pudong, so the map begins five miles or so East of the Hilton and goes South along the Huangpu to the site of the Expo. Then a ferry across the river and a meandering route back to the hotel.

I'll let the captions on the flickr photos tell the rest.

OK, and a movie of that missing half mile. This is certifiably the dullest video ever posted to YouTube. The crush to get off the ferry at the end is mildly entertaining. I filmed a bit of the crush to get ON the ferry before, and decided this time to just be last off for my own health and safety. (Use the link above if the formatting on Blogger is screwy.)

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