Saturday, October 30, 2010

Talking With a Dining Room Table

Teddy Bear kicks some Tea-Baggin' ass!


dbackdad said...

Well done!

wunelle said...

I'd love to take credit, but alas!

It strikes me that this "conversation" could go on indefinitely, talking about deficits (and the inconsistency of demanding an end to them while continuing to deny funding to fix the deficit), about the Constitution which is sacred yet should be fundamentally changed, about the tyranny of government intrusion in health care but the embrace of the government infringement of civil liberties, etc., etc.

But the point is made just the same for anyone not already kool-aid drunk.

(I inadvertently typed "kook-aid." Freudian slip?)

CyberKitten said...


I do worry about Nov 2nd though.....

Do you think that I could send in a postal vote?

wunelle said...

You're right to worry. I think so much of the ideological fervor on the right at present would howl in pain and disillusionment if the got what they claim they want: lower taxes with a balanced budget, a repeal of health care and Jebus made supreme in government. Matt Taibbi's recent exposé in Rolling Stone of the Tea-Baggers shows hiw disconnected they are from what they are lobbying for. We may all learn soon enough.