Thursday, October 7, 2010

Long Live The Hitch

Alas, I fear it is not to be. But through his good works he has attained a sort of immortality.

I could listen to this all day. My gloom is always reliably lifted by a good smackdown of adherents of mythology.


dbackdad said...


I really wonder why pinheads like Hannity even agree to have Hitchens on his show. Hannity is so ill-equipped to have an intelligent discussion with Hitchens that you actually feel sorry for him. It would be like me trying to bat against Nolan Ryan.

wunelle said...

So true. Hannity (like O'Reilly) is just a blustering bully without a shred of journalistic integrity--but Faux "News" watchers seem to want to be told what to think.

Hannity in his "interviews" is reduced to trying to use Hitch's intellect as some kind of deficit against him: "You're just smarter than everyone else, I guess!"

Yeah, Sean, he is. (which is not something anyone ever accused HIM of being...)