Friday, September 17, 2010

More Bad Travel Videos

OK, I obviously haven't the slightest business making videos, standing in place and panning around myself. But I often find myself wishing I could bottle the essence of some place I'm experiencing. Anyway, this is what a footsore schlub with an iPhone finds on his trek around central Shanghai.

Standing along The Bund, across from the Pearl over on Pudong. As always, an unending crush of folks.

The regular crush of shoppers and sightseers along Nanjing Road. This is about 3:30 PM on a Wednesday.

Also along Nanjing Road. A portion of the road is pedestrian-only, but the walkers and bikes must cross lanes of busy city traffic, which is always a bit perilous. One gets a little sense of the unrelenting density of people from this little clip.

And lastly, a pan of my hotel room view. Straight out my window half a mile or so away is a spectacular-looking temple-thing which is gold in color and normally brightly lit. But this shot is just after sundown--around 7:PM or so--and the lights are not yet on. Rush hour traffic is horrendous.

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