Saturday, June 12, 2010

Going All Joan Rivers

Do not adjust your set. Either of you.

I've had the same template now for five years, with minor tweaks. I rather like the simple, the lack of bullshit. But even I finally get tired of looking at white and black lettering. I can leave real design to design-y people like Dzesika; but I don't have to look fricking homeless. So here goes, a little face lift for Ye Olde Journal. The whole globe business seemed apropos as I sit in my hotel room in Warsaw, overlooking the Soviet-era Ministry of Culture (oh yes, eating good chocolate).

The silver lining of having a blog nobody reads: there can never be a class-action lawsuit for exhibiting bad taste in site design.

So there.


CyberKitten said...

WOW. That's quite a change..... I like it though!

Dzesika said...

I like! (I had to click through from my feed reader to see, which is great!)

wunelle said...

Thanks. Now I'm not so sure. But we'll live with it for a while.

Malaise Inc said...

I like it, too.

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