Thursday, November 26, 2009

How Much More Blatant Can They Be?

I just don't know how you condense Faux News' agenda more clearly than this:

Nobody stops her or corrects her. Hannity spoon feeds her her cues and strokes her like a lap cat. Is this the right's Next Big Lie?

This network is a disgrace, an anti-rational nexus of denialism that does far more harm to this country than any foreign enemy.


dbackdad said...

I used to worry about stuff like this. But Fox News is just an echo chamber. I don't believe they are winning new converts. If anything, when they do stuff like this and absolutely pull one out of their ass, they have to be turning off at least a few conservatives that have brain cells left.

I know that as a liberal I would not stand for anyone even on my side of the aisle making shit up. Especially for people on my side of the aisle.

wunelle said...

I suppose you're right; no one not already drinking the kook-aid would see this and think 'I better start watching regularly lest I miss something critical.'

But what a huge role they're playing in legitimizing this anti-science, anti-reality, wing-nuttery-above-all view of the world. Without this one channel people would be forced to get their news from ANY other source, which would guarantee they be better informed. Or even if they watch NOTHING at least they'd not then be MISinformed. (All while being told, Bible-like, that without them one CANNOT know the truth...)

I just don't know how much more clearly they could demonstrate it: they're not journalists, and what they produce is not news.

shrimplate said...

Pravda. With Prada shoes.

Karlo said...

Hilarious. We're truly in an Orwellian world where only memories from just a few years back our being erased by the termites at Fox.

BrianAlt said...

So, other than that you like them?

wunelle said...

Yeah, apart from that; apart from the lies and use of hysteria and the cheap appeals to fear and easy patriotism and Big Jesus and the whole playing of the stupid TV-watching American public for their full measure of idiocy and the network's stable of extraordinarily distasteful presenters: apart from that I like them!