Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wading Thru the Muck

I'm grateful that someone calls out the desperate hate-mongering of the right which sells itself as legitimate political thought. I just don't have the stomach to listen to Rush Limbaugh (much less Sarah Palin, a candidate so weak she cannot be trusted to talk to the press), but I'm glad someone does and lets the world see the morass of intellectual and moral bankruptcy.

Three cheers for Keith Olbermann!


Jeffy said...

Three cheers from me too!

I was especially glad to hear Keith rail against the "unstable congresswoman from Minnesota", who is unfortunately the representative from my own district (I just can not refer to her as 'my representative'). All of her press exposure in the last couple of days has at least rallied the supporters of her challenger, and there is now some chance that we may be able to vote her out. What a sorry comment on my neighbors that they sent her to Washington in the first place.

I must live in the 'real America'.

wunelle said...

I'd love to gloat over your 'representative misfortune' but alas we have our share of nutbags in chedd-o-lachia as well.

Thankfully, there are enough smart people to respond to her idiocy with cash for her opponents. Nothing like some repudiation to rectify a bad electoral choice!

Jeffy said...

Her opponent has raised about $1M in the last couple of days, but unless he can use it to buy votes I think there is just about no chance that anyone other than the Republican can get elected in this district. I'll hope for the best.

dbackdad said...

KO rules. If any modern newsman embodies the honesty that the original purveyor of "good night, and good luck" did, it is Olbermann.