Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Train Wreck

What a fucking disaster zone this woman is. What a shameful blight on our species.

I was reluctant to call her stupid initially. But practically everything out of her mouth has been shown to be at best fantastically spun, or an outright lie: she has not been opposed to pork spending; she has not shown fiscal probity; she has won the allegiance of Alaskans in the crassest possible way--by purchasing their favor; she advocates a dark-ages ignorance of biology and human behavior. And now she shows her advocacy for disabled children--her self-proclaimed area of expertise--to be as uninformed as her grasp of the Vice Presidency. Apparently what we took for intelligence is merely base political cunning, an ability to whip up the lowest common denominators of her party. She's willing to say absolutely anything if she thinks she can gain votes by it. Now she is said to be chafing at her handlers' attempts to keep her from "going rogue," since her ability to agitate a feeding frenzy of trailer-park ignorance is the cornerstone of her skill. It's also what's losing her the center of the country, and the election itself.

In her latest foot-in-mouth episode she declares funding for genetic research with fruit flies to be pointless pork spending (and we know her authority with pork spending). She has declared that a McCain / Palin administration would put put new emphasis on helping children with disabilities. How? By bleedings and exorcisms? In the same way you "helped" Alaskan children--including your own kids--understand human sexual behavior? More than her demonstrated yawning ignorance about science generally, she now adds genetics specifically to the vast number of pertinent subjects about which she knows less than nothing. The world would be better off if she remained mute as a stone rather than confidently misinforming and slandering what she doesn't begin to grasp.

Not content to hobble the science that seeks to one day help her child, she then has the blockheaded, trailer-trash temerity to attempt to bolster her vapid claim by claiming that some of our research money is making its way to "Paris, France. I kid you not." (She knows so much about France, of course, being neither a reader nor a traveler. She probably still uses the term "freedom fries.")

What a disgrace. What an unworthy advocate of the needy. What a travesty of a choice for Vice President of this country.


Karlo said...

The fruity fruit-fly comments are telling. There's a whole culture of this dismissal of science in the government--egged on by conservatives.

Jeffy said...

It is hard to say enough bad things about her. What appalls me more than most things is the support she is getting. She is obviously not a lone nutjob, given the large crowd of supporters she has attracted.

Just what does it say about McCain, though, that he thought she was a viable candidate? And what does it say about the 'thinking' of the evangelicals who love her? How can someone think that a moron who agrees with their superstitions is qualified to run the country? (Although I suppose she is not actually a moron any more than W is - she just espouses moronic points of view.)

I was not terrified of the idea of McCain ending up in the White House until she was signed on to the ticket. Given his chances of expiring before his term is up there seems to be a good chance that she would end up in charge, and what a nightmare that would be.

I think it is particularly telling that there are now quite a few conservative commentators who are expressing doubts about her. You've got to be pretty bad to get the hard-core party faithful sounding off against you and possibly pushing some voters away.

I can not wait for this election to finally be over and we can let her return to the backwater she came from.

wunelle said...

I agree that the most disturbing thing about her is not her views, but that anyone supports her. That makes idiots out of all of US, and not just her.

I think McCain shot from the hip (or justified other people's choice that way), and he no doubt now regrets the decision. But he regrets is because so many others are turning from her, not probably because he thinks of her in the Oval Office and feels sick to his stomach. He's a control freak: he doesn't envision anyone in the White House but himself.

CyberKitten said...

It doesn't look good for US Science funding if McCain gets in..