Monday, August 25, 2008

A Few Recent Chicago Pictures

Rather than send a bunch of separate emails of pictures from a recent weekend in Chicago, I'll just put a few pictures here. My dad came over to WI with my niece and her girlfriend in tow, and the five of us made a quick trip in and out of the city.

My wife is utterly baffled that none of my pictures ever center around human subjects, and I confess I'm similarly baffled by my niece's & her friend's tendency to take an unending stream of photos of themselves without particular regard for the background. I guess what is needed is a mixture of their pictures and mine!

Anyway, devoid of the warmth of humanity, here are a few of what I was struck to photograph:

North Michigan Avenue

(Cloud Gate, a.k.a. "the Bean")

(Looking West on the Chicago River toward Marina Towers.)

(The river as seen from a Wendella boat tour)

(Bridge work)

(New construction, with Trump Tower visible in the distance)

(The new Trump Tower, on the site of the old Sun Times building on the river)

(The Jay Pritzker Pavilion, an outdoor theater at Millennium Park)

(The outdoor seating area with P. A. system for the Pritzker Pavilion)

(Looking South from the Hancock Tower)


Dzesika said...

Simply put ... there is so much Chicago I haven't seen yet! Thanks for your pictures ...

dbackdad said...

Cool pics