Saturday, May 31, 2008

Don't Say She Didn't Warn You

Lots of domestic travel lately, so I have little to write about.

So you get pictures instead. These are just a few from our yearly trip to New York; we help to lead a group through the University of Wisconsin for a week of Broadway theatre. Susan is the theatre expert, and I'm just kind of a hanger-on who helps with logistics and travel and general information. But anything that gets me to New York is fine by me. I never tire of the place.

You, however, will very likely tire of these photographs--all taken with my little Sanyo phone. Susan declared flatly upon looking at them: "Those are all horrible! You're really a terrible photographer!" (though I noted that she oohed at several of them just the same. So I think she's lying). (Actually, I think her chief complaint is that there are never any people in my pictures). Either way, this is what you get.

(42nd & 8th Ave. The best thing about the latest Indiana Jones movie.)

(Photographing Times Square is like shooting a mountain range. You know it'll never turn out, but it's impossible not to try and capture some of it to take home with you.)

(The new New York Times building. Honestly, I had to tilt the camera to get it all in, and I was too lazy to walk back another block. OK, so I really AM a shitty photographer. And lazy.)

(The 1:AM view out our hotel window.)

(Moving and unexpected.)

(Maintenance work on my favorite building in NY, the Ansonia. Sounds like they'd be better off working inside; the tenants are suing, class-action-style, about cockroach infestation.)

(The view of Lower Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge.)

(Blocking the light where Jack McCoy has delivered so many great lines...)

(A glorious day in Little Italy.)

(I love the assault of shapes in the cityscape.)



Fusion said...

Hey, they're not half bad for a little phone camera. A couple had really good composition, and none of them were bad IMHO. Loved the last one.

woolf said...

I was thinking that it was about time for you to make the pilgrimage to the Greatest City in the World. I'll admit, I was a little jealous.

You should do the guiding for a Elderhostel that comes thru Hburg for a Bach Festival--all Bach, all the time. If you like that sort of thing.

Dzesika said...

Those were from your *phone*? I'm impressed.

But where is the picture of you at H&H Bagels? You'll just have to go back...

wunelle said...

See? (sticking his tongue out at his Sweet Pea). Neener neener!

My phone is just a little Sanyo flip phone with a 1.3 mp camera. And it seems to cope with changing light very well. The new iPhone is here in a couple weeks. It has a 2.0 mp camera, but I wonder if the picture quality will be as good. We'll see...

Malaise Inc said...

Actually, you are far better photographer with a cell phone than I am with a bona fide camera.

shrimplate said...

Yup. I'm envious.

Jeffy said...

I hate to take sides in a domestic disagreement, but I have to say your pics are pretty good! I even like the one you chose to take at an angle.

Next time Susan wants people in the shots ask her to step right on in, I'm sure she'll be happy to help out.

Even though your camera-phone shots are good, you might have even better luck with an actual camera - even a very small one. You'd get all sorts of things that your phone lacks, like a flash and maybe a zoom lens. While the iPhone will get you more pixels, it won't really address any of the shortcomings of your current camera(phone).

It would be a bit of a pain to take along another device when you travel, but it might be worth it. Just be sure to stick with something small that you can have with you all the time, like your phone.

Either way, keep on clicking (and sharing)!

wunelle said...

I find I relate to photography much more than painting, and our house is full of photos we've found and framed over the years. I do think about bringing a camera along on my travels, but then I feel like I ought to take some time to figure out what I'm really doing. (I ought to anyway, I know.)

The beauty of the phone camera is that it's always with you--and doesn't require hauling around another gadget and various support gear (cables and chargers and spare batteries and SD cards). With the iPhone, it also makes working with the pictures a snap--with Sprint, I have to upload all these over the web to their PictureMail site and then download them via a three step process (per picture) to the computer. Cumbersome, but it's offset by the great convenience of having the ubiquitous phone be the camera.

As you say, the downside is that what you get is what you got. The camera is very limited. But over the past couple years I've put up a bunch of posts from this little camera, and it does OK, it seems.

Jeffy said...

I don't think you should feel very obligated to learn much about a camera, if you were to get one. You seem to have a good feel for composition, and that is the main thing to get right.

It is very nice to always have your camera with you, so it is a tough call, choosing convenience or capability. I never have my camera with me, and so never get the pictures I'd like to. The camera on my phone is so minimal, and so hard to get the photos off of that I don't bother with it either, so I can certainly appreciate the appeal of a usable camera phone.

GreenCanary said...

Wunelle, these are good! Don't listen to the naysayers :-)

wunelle said...

*sticking my tongue out yet again at Sweet-Pea* Neener neener neener!!!

(Thanks Ms. Canary :-)

I used to put all these pics on my Flickr site, but I haven't lately. Most of those are from the phone as well.

The new iPhone is announced! I won't be able to get one until 7/11, and we'll see how the camera is at that time.