Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Like Getting Married

Yes, yes; you're in the right place.

I just decided that "Ultrasonic Scattershot" was intolerably long. (Actually, at the time I simply wanted "Scattershot" or "Musical Scattershot" but both were taken.) I figured nobody would actually be typing in the URL anyway...

But I grew to dislike its clumsiness. And I thought it might be nice to have something without blogspot in the URL. What the hell, it's $10.

So, a new name. Same old product in new clothing. Like getting married!

And given how little of the musical mainstream I seem to cross paths with, a hint of snobbery seemed on point.

So with a clink of champagne glasses and some scattered rice, we're off and running!


Dzesika said...

Cool new domain name! And I like who you bought it through. Sniff, sniff, I'm so proud ... :)

William said...

I'd LOVE to take credit for my exquisite tastes in... whatever the entity which allots domain names is called... But alas, it was all Google's doing.

But that only means that THEIR tastes rock!! (And they're much more influential than my humble (bigoted) self.)