Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Hell of a Speech

I'm so used to dismissing political speeches as meaningless gobbledygook, as carefully-strategized salvos in a sound bite war of electability, that it's refreshing to see someone take on a specific (if gigantic) issue and deal with it so eloquently and comprehensively.

If his carriage here is exemplary of how he would govern, he would make a first-rate President.


Jeffy said...

I agree completely. I too have a hard time not tuning out most political speech (especially when I have to listen to Dubya's idiotic statements), but I was quite impressed when I heard this one today on the radio.

People keep claiming that Obama is all talk with no substance, but he clearly has quite a bit of 'substance' to be able to address such a sticky issue so honestly, straightforwardly, and in a way that can get nearly everyone seeing it his way.

wunelle said...

I've never thought (as I don't imagine you've thought) that the man has no substance--ESPECIALLY compared to the chimp that's in office now.

But I think some of his speeches reflect that we're not looking for policy particulars so much as qualities of leadership and intelligence. And for myself, I just don't need to see too many speeches to figure this out. In broad strokes, it's good to know a candidate's priorities, but the details / mechanics seem almost meaningless at this stage.

Scott said...

Hey Brother, thanks for the kind words. Things are going well for Emily and we actually just found out a couple of hours a go that Make a Wish is sending her to Disney World in September. Good times are sure to be had.

And fear not the clashing ideologies. I don't find a lot people who agree with my politics so I'm used to finding common ground with people. I'm sure we both hate NeoCons, so that's a start.

wunelle said...

Very true. I see you're a Ron Paul guy, and I admit that his libertarianism intrigues me--he seems the only candidate who is talking about wholesale change, rather than little band-aid measures; but the Republican aspect of his view of government and social policy repels me in about equal measure.

So I'm back where I started.

But I'm really thrilled that things are going well for your Emily, and the Disney thing sounds like a dream come true for her!