Sunday, September 2, 2007

A New Blog

It's a maxim of good or effective blogging that one should stick to a single topic or theme. That way, people can show up and expect to find something they know and like. Assuming one writes well on that subject, an audience can grow. Most of us have broad-ranging interests, but the exact range and specific interests are as unique as a fingerprint. I told myself a couple years ago when I started this thing that I would write about whatever struck my fancy, and I have happily done that. But I think that range has not contributed much to any audience success, and certainly it would not hinder my efforts here to focus things, even just a little.

To that end, I'm thinking I'll start putting music-related posts on another blog. While this space will continue to cover most everything else, I'll put musical matters--and especially reviews of the CDs I acquire--over at Ultrasonic Scattershot (an unfortunately long name, maybe, but the short ones seem all to be taken; and nobody will actually type the URL anyway).

My hope is to rope in other contributors, perhaps for other genres of music than the specific classical stuff I tend to focus on. I may also think about covering movie reviews there as well, though at the moment that's not my plan.

I'm happy to listen to any suggestions!

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