Saturday, September 1, 2007


I'm not sure of the wisdom of my starting another blog, when I really only post to my other blog irregularly. But it's an axiom of good blogging that one should stick to a limited range of topics, lest people never know whether they'll give a hoot about what they'll find when they stop by. Given that my classical music posts almost always meet with a chirping-cricket response, maybe it would be best to have a separate place to put them, a place where people can at least count on musical subject matter.

My thought is to review on this blog the CDs and music-related videos I acquire, and I'll try to bring other people onboard--people who actually have some knowledge of classical music. Not that we need to restrict ourselves to classical music by any means; but since that's what I'm most interested in, that's what I'm most likely to review here. Any other reviewers are free to cover their enthusiasms, with the understanding that the world probably doesn't need another popular music fan forum.

Feel free to leave comments and / or suggestions.


Jeffy said...

Wunelle - Best of luck with the new forum. It is clear that you have a LOT to contribute to this area of interest, so I am sure that there will be a lot of interesting content here for anyone who is into classical music.

Maybe I'll have to submit a few rigged comments to suck in the unsuspecting Googlers out there and generate some initial readers. That certainly attracts a steady stream to the Journal Wunelle!

wunelle said...

I've noticed from the Journal's sitemeter that your Nasa photo from Jupiter / Saturn (whichever it was) is the most common means of strangers finding their way to the blog.

Maybe I should put up that picture!

Or just put up a post about breasts!

Jeffy said...

There, now that you have included the word 'breasts' you have probably already done it. Throw in a reference to an obscure cartoon and you'll have hit all the bases.