Sunday, July 23, 2006

For Those Who Care

A couple posts over the last six months related to this little television event. We spoke to the producer a month or so ago, when she called to verify the pronunciation of our names. At that time she told us she would call us again shortly to tell us about any airing that involved our house.

Now comes today's local paper with a buried item saying the show--and Appleton houses--will be airing this upcoming Monday night at 9:30 c.t. Hmmmm... Our satellite menu confirms that it is the show in question, but there is no mention of the episode. So it may be it, or it may not.

Guess that's what they call the teaser.

(The paper lists three or four re-airings, so this is not a last-chance affair.)


Addendum, 7/25

After all their prep work, it didn't strike me that they didn't inform us because they weren't using us! But so it was... for now.

Well and good.


Esbee said...

The HGTV website confirms Appleton is slated for Monday and again on Tuesday, but at a different time.

I'm such a dork that I'm giddy about it.

Joshua said...

all set for tivo.

wunelle said...

Sorry, folks. False alarm. Susan said we weren't on (I was flying & could not watch). I'm not sure if there's another part to the episode, or if we didn't make the final cut. No one has said. Ah, well--so much for our 15 minutes.

Esbee said...

I was at the hospital but planned to watch tonight. Booooo.