Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Photoblogging: MCI

Another brief day in Kansas City, and this time I'm equipped with my cheesy little camera phone. I raved about KC's architecture in an April post, and here are some photos of the Land that Time Forgot. You'll have to imagine the smells & sounds, and the heat radiating off the old red brick buildings in the summer sun.

(I seem to have a lot of photos taken at oblique angles, and this is partly because my camera lens is the size of a wood tick, and the zoom function rapidly degrades what is already a marginal-quality photo.)

Anyway, take the virtual tour here.

Happy trails!


Jeffy said...

Cool pictures. The little cameraphone does a plenty good job for a web slideshow.

It looks like you visited during construction season.

BTW - you may have to explain the MCI to the non-aviators.

woolf said...

My first reaction to these photos was: where are the people? I saw signs of people via cars and construction, but no actual homo sapiens (beyond yourself as the photographer). It seems so errie. And made me think of a blog I never published as of yet about the lack of human contact even in my hometown!

Joshua said...

KC KS or KC MO? That was a fun question to type.

wunelle said...

KC MO. And yes, I seem to have thing for waiting to snap the photo until there are no humans inconveniently clogging up my view! Architecture, baby.