Thursday, June 15, 2006

Help! Save our Marriages!

Note: I wrote this a week ago when I was wound up after listening to the news, and then never got around to finishing it off and posting. I think it may be moot now after not passing the Senate, but I still would love to hear a justification from someone who thinks this was a good idea.

I am so glad to hear that our President is trying to push through a Constitutional amendment to protect the institution of Marriage from the corrupting influence of gays and lesbians! What could possibly do more harm to that venerable institution than people who are in long-term committed relationships and who want to own a home together and raise children?

Seriously, I really can not fathom how gay marriage could be a bad thing. Can someone please tell me in simple terms that I might understand just how this can be something that needs to be legislated away? The only justification that I can imagine is that someone's religion doesn't approve. That is fine - that religion doesn't need to perform marriage ceremonies for gay couples if it doesn't approve, but that is no reason why gay couples shouldn't be able to get married in civil ceremonies or by more enlightened religious groups. I don't think it even matters if these marriages have all the trappings of a traditional Christian wedding. I think we have no excuse to deny anyone the right to chose a partner and by default endow that partner with all of the rights and privileges that accrue to married couples.

It all just smells to me like an artificial issue that doesn't really concern the majority of the population, but that the right-wingers like to trot out to make everyone take sides, and then attack folks for their votes. This especially seems to be the case when even those who are in favor of this amendment don't think it has a chance of passing. Why else, then, would we need to waste time debating the issue, unless the whole point is to be able to show off how 'principled' some politicians are?

Land of the Free?? - Not if your way of life is not approved by the morality Gestapo.


Joshua said...

But Bil, they are GAY! I mean, if we allow gays to marry, then what? Can people marry animals, or inanimate objects? Could I marry my car? You know that's what those gays want. They hate hetrosexuals, and want to attack the fabric of our society, the cornerstone of which, everyone knows, is the strong, steady institution of marraige.

Marraige should be sacred, it should be a ceremony between a hornk male and a drunk female, at 2 am, in Vegas, ordained by Elvis. You know, like God intended.

wunelle said...

Yeah, I think I also ranted about this a couple months back. I just don't get it. Well, what I don't get is who is stupid enough to be whipped into a nay-saying frenzy by this publicity. Who is convinced that the sky is falling? I suppose people who stop by Wal-Mart on their way home from church.

Such institutionalized hatred carrying the banner of "God's love."

I wanna marry my car.

Anna said...

Well written post. Wish I could shed some light on the issue, but I just don't get it either.

Bill Garnett said...


You are throwing up false arguments. The question is should two consenting adults be able to have the rights and privileges civil marriage affords – regardless of their sexual orientation? And should this question be decided by facts and reasoned debate – and not by some person’s personal religious beliefs.