Monday, May 1, 2006

Gratuitous Cuteness

As promised, here's a photo of my puppy Scout. Calling him 'mine' is a bit inaccurate, as he would not live in my house were it solely up to me, maybe it is more accurate to call him our family's puppy.

This was taken on his first birthday, just before his birthday treat was decimated.

I was a bit concerned that I'd be accused of a minor case of bait-and-switch, since Scout doesn't look too much like a puppy, especially compared to those other two cute puffballs that show up on this blog every once in a while. So, I asked my kids if Scout was still a puppy. I figured nobody could argue with their expert analysis. My 7-year-old son promptly replied that a dog is a puppy until age 2. Scout will not be 2 until this August, so I have a clear conscience.

Kids are a great place to turn for definitive answers such as this. They live in a world that is all black and white, with few shades of gray. Everything is either right or wrong, good or bad, yes or no, in or out, kid or grown-up, puppy or dog. Mine are available for consultations should anyone else need uninformed definitive answers. Maybe they can work this summer for the White House.


wunelle said...

Actually, their friends might already be somewhere hidden on the White House staff!

I think Mr. Scout is definitely a puppy, but in the same way that a cat of any age is always "kitty."

Here's a definition, tho: a puppy is one whose kisses don't make you need to wash your face afterward for (detectable) bacterial content!

Jeffy said...

If you go by the 'kisses' criterion Scout was never a puppy. Look at his tongue - where that tongue goes large quantities of puppy water follow.

Lizzie said...

That picture is great - the way he's licking his lips in anticipation of decimating his birthday treat. Priceless.

How can you look at that face and say he wouldn't live in your house if it were up to you? He's so cute!

I'm such a sucker for gratuitous cuteness.

The Retropolitan said...


Jeffy said...

Lizzie - Once he showed up there was no way I could send him packing. I just would not have considered getting a dog in the first place. But, how can you deprive the kids the joys of having a dog?