Thursday, February 23, 2006

Look What I Found!

I've made a brilliant anthropological / genealogical discovery! I've unearthed the apparent lebanese love child of Bonnie Raitt and Eva Cassidy who was then clearly raised by Auntie Aretha Franklin. Cool, huh?

I crawled out from the rock I was evidently living under--OK, I was lured out by the singing of one Susan Tedeschi. I was in a local used CD store and heard her over the in-store P.A. and inquired who it was. I then had to go out and find the album (the one in the store was already claimed by the clerk. Bastard).

In addition to the blues-weary, bourbon and cigarettes voice, there is about her a slightly terrifying (to me) sense of the fiercely maternal, an electric aura of something essentially woman that leaves me blinking and a little afraid like Tom Hanks in that movie.

Short of watching one's boy thing in a fit of road rage or a bar fight, I wonder if there is anything in masculinity remotely so worthy of a woman's contemplation as whatever this thing is that seems to seep from her pores.

It's too early for me to tell if she'll wear well musically; she's not really my style. But she's captivating anyway.


Esbee said...

I've found no mention of her lebanesism in the Wiki article...

wunelle said...

This is my bad Anglese. The lebanesism is between her parents Bonnie and Eva. She herself appears to be straight!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across her album "Just Won't Burn" a while back and it is one that stays in my regular rotation. Susan has got a bit of a rough edge to her voice and plays a solid guitar, all in all a pretty good blues artist.

Maybe there is a bit of Stevie Ray Vaughan in there somewhere.

Chairborne Stranger said...

never enough lebanese to go around, i always say! Lol.

great post, w! laughing.

wunelle said...

I say: let lebanese be the encouraged language for all women!


Lizzie said...

I love Susan Tedesci! Have you heard her cover of Dylan's Don't Think Twice? If you haven't heard it, I'll email it to you when (if?) my laptop (with all my music on it)is working again. It's fantastic. Yeah... that voice... She makes the song sound much more heartbreaking than Dylan did.

She's definitely not Lebanese ;-). She's married to some young guitarist that tours with the Allman Brothers (I think).

wunelle said...

Haven't heard that Dylan cover, though the album I bought (and have now forgotten in Louisville) has a cover of a different Dylan song--Lord, Protect My Child. Lovely.

I'd love a copy when your technology behaves (oh, behave!

Well, she SOUNDS maybe a little Lebanese... ;-)