Monday, February 20, 2006

Another Post That's Lizzie's Fault

So here are links to the so-called Johari and Nohari windows, where we pick from a given set of adjectives that do and do not apply to our conception of a person. Feel free to rip me a new one there.

Always there's the interesting business of seeing how our sense of self compares to others' views of us. What would seem even more interesting to me would be to compare (back to meta-blogging again) these profiles done by long-time friends and family members versus those completed by my cyber friends. That would surely say something about what kind of face we put forward, no?


Lizzie said...

I am incapable of following instructions and couldn't limit it to just 6. It would only let me enter 6 though, so here are the others I think apply to you: caring, cheerful, intelligent, helpful, wise, sensible, friendly, sympathetic.

This is going to sound like a cop-out but I didn't do the other one. I just don't see any of those in you from what I know of you from your posts. (I have a feeling that one would be the more interesting one to compare answers between real friends and virtual friends!)

Esbee said...

I couldn't do the negatives, as I couldn't find five I thought would apply, only two. Unfortunately longwinded wasn't on the list. =)


Esbee said...

Oh, the negatives I could find were "embarassed" and "timid". Nothing like "Beelzebubic".

wunelle said...

Actually, long-winded is PERFECT! I cannot tell a lie ;-)

Now I feel like a perfect ass for calling our dear Queen Lizzie names! Shame on me :-(

Lizzie said...

Don't be silly! I wouldn't have put the link there if I didn't want people to do it. ;-)

Esbee said...

Well now I may just go back and insult you a bit.


Note my email had no link to a negatives one.

wunelle said...

Now I'm trying to go to Esbee's and the server is too busy! Drat!